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Our Department

    We are three teachers in the English Department, Marina Burrueco Sánchez, Felisa Palacios Cobos e Isabel Pérez Torres. We have been teaching here more than seven years now, actually, Marina has been about ten years. We three are very different but we complement one another , so that, if we were altogether only one person, it would be the perfect one. We also have something in common, for example, we like teaching and trying new things. Our photo appears in this page, you can try matching each one to the descriptions we provide below (click here to see the answers):Our picture

A: "I look like a lawyer because I have a serious aspect, but I am neither sad nor anything to worried about.I’m strict but flexible with my pupils; I can understand if they couldn’t study for a test during the weekend, but they must do their homework. I like getting up late at weekends , being with my family and reading a good newspaper article from time to time."

B:  "Even though I may look serious, I’m not like that. I’m shy, critical of me, dreamy, reliable and a bit absent –minded, but I’m honest and hardworking. I don’t like any kind of animals, especially birds; I hate them. I like reading , walking and buying useless things . I’m flexible with my pupils. I think most of them enjoy their English lessons, but they must work hard and do their homework everyday."

C:  "I like teaching as much as learning. I’m very strict and demanding with my students and with myself.As a typical Aries, I’m energetic, impulsive and straightforward. I accept any kind of challenges. I like swimming most of all and I enjoy computers and cinema. I have quite a lot of friends , but, unfortunately, not enough time to spend with them."

D:   Pedro Benavides is also in this photograph, he was  with us Two years because Marina had a baby and he spent about four months in our department. He is so nice that we decided to keep his company in this page.

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