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  The European Union book2.gif (24301 bytes)


book2.gif (24301 bytes) Links to read about the EU

The European Union at a glance
Europe From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EUROPE - Gateway to the European Union
How does the EU work?
EU Institutions
A-Z of Europe: glossary
Timeline of the European Union
The European Countries
The Languages of the EU
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe
The European Flag
The European Symbols
Europe Map Collection
Travel to Europe with Kids

book2.gif (24301 bytes) Quizzes and Activities to learn about the EU

What is Europe Day?
Europe Kids Corner
Name the EU Countries: Quiz V.5 ; Quiz V.6

BBC Quiz: how much do you know about Europe
A Treasure Hunt about the European Union
New EU Countries Quiz
Geography Europe Quizzes

Interactive Map of Europe



Picture from the Nations Online Project
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