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  The European Union book2.gif (24301 bytes)


book2.gif (24301 bytes) Links to read about the EU

Official Website of the European Union
Europe From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
European Union History
European Institutions and other bodies
EU Institutions

The European Flag
The European Symbols
Europe Map Collection

book2.gif (24301 bytes) Quizzes and Activities to learn about the EU

What is Europe Day?
Europe Kids Corner

Geography Europe Quizzes

Interactive Map of Europe
European Day of Languages





book2.gif (24301 bytes) Education, Networks in the EU

Strategic-Framework: Education and Training 2020
Mobility and Cross-Border Cooperation

Education, training and youth
Education and Cultura (DG)
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
EURYDICE – information network on education in Europe
EU Bookshop
Supporting language learning and linguistic diversity
European Language Label
European Higher Education Area
European University Association
The Coimbra Group
Study 2014 - Erasmus impact
International Exchang Erasmus Student Network
ESAA - Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association
Eurodesk - information network that supports Erasmus mobility
The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC)
EUNET- European Network for Education and Training

European School Net
European School Net- Academy
School Education Gateaway
The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE)
LangOER- teaching and learning of less used languages

Strategic Partnership Search
Erasmus Sport Partner Search Tool