By Isabel Pérez Torres

Fast Food Facts

Click on the correct answer

1Why is fast food so popular in US?
Because it is good for your health and it is fast.
Because American way of life is on fashion.
Because American people are very busy and fast food is ready to take.
Because American do not like cooking.

2If you want to lose weight, what should you do?
It is not important what you eat, providing you eat less.
Take in fewer calories than you spend
Eat food which contains less fat and consequently fewer calories.

3Some people eat much more than others, but still don't put on weight, Why?
We don't really know it.
They burn more calories than others.
They do not eat fast food meals.

4What are fast food meals high in?
Water, fat and calories.
Fat and cholesterol.
Salt, fat and cholesterol.

5Is it possible to eat well in a fast food restaurant?
Yes, but you shouldn't eat in a fast food restaurant everyday.
Yes, but only if you choose low in fat and calories meals.
No, all fast food meals contain too much fat and cholesterol.