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Specially selected for my students' projects:
Food & nutricion dotpink.gif (844 bytes) Anorexia and eating disorders  dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes) Drug problems dotgreen.gif (829 bytes) Drug survey

Last Updated 18/1/2013

ESL Quizzes, Crosswords, Tests, Readings etc. about these topics

Project About Food in Spain
The importance of a good diet in our lives by Mª Carmen Carilla

Treasure Hunt: Eat Healthy

Healthy eating, your best choice for a healthy life

Diet Obsession
Food Vocabulary
English - Spanish Food Glossary
Food: Karin's ESL Page
Healthy Food Pyramid Activity
Fruit , Vegetables , Food 1, Food 2
ESL Vocabulary Quiz - Food
Food and Nutrition Quiz
English Food and Drink Crossword
ESL Quiz - Phrasal Verbs - Food and Drink
Food Idioms
Daily Diet

Making a Sandwich

ESL Quiz - How healthy are you? dotgreen.gif (829 bytes)
ESL Conversation Questions - Health dotgreen.gif (829 bytes)
Project about Anorexia dotpink.gif (844 bytes)
Dancing with Death (reading comprehension) dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Healthy Life - Printable Test
Health - helpful.com
Teen Stress - Printable Test
Aditions - Treasure Hunt
The Disease of the 21st Century- Printable Test
Drug seizures - Printable Test
Drug Problems - Project dotgreen.gif (829 bytes)
BBC Fitness Planner dotgreen.gif (829 bytes)
27 Tips to Optimize Your Brain Power
dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Drug Survey
dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)

cook2-wt.gif (2339 bytes) Some Information about "Food" & "Nutrition"

The British Nutrition Foundation
Vegetarian Food Pyramid
Staying Healthy (for Kids) dotpink.gif (844 bytes) dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Unhealthy Foods
Dr. PBody's Learning/Fun Center!!
Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines dotpink.gif (844 bytes)

dangerous-wt.gif (2225 bytes)Drugs- related information sites

BBC-simple facts about drugs
Dangers of using Ecstasy
dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
The Anti-Drug. -- Drug Information dotgreen.gif (829 bytes)dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Club Drugs Community Drug Alert Bulletin dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Ecstasy: Just the Facts dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Drugs abuse dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)

Other Links

Brain Basics dotpurple5.gif (829 bytes)
Yucky Gross and Cool Body
Advice for teens about sexuality, contraception, drugs, smoking, and related topics


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