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Web-based Activities and Cross-curricular Topics:

Let's Talk about Healthy Living (sex and drugs)

The Web as a source of information and meaningful content

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Browsing Web Pages

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Web based projects

Projects: Drug Survey, Anorexia, Cannabis, Ecstasy.

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Treasure Hunts

Let's Talk about STDs & Birth Control (Off-line)

Let's Talk about Birth Control (On-line)

Let's Talk about STDs (On-line and using a wizard on the Web)

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Using Online Dictionaries

Alcohol and extacsy key facts (Off-line)

Crime and drugs

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Quizzes

pinyelllow.gif (963 bytes)Webquests


The Web as a source of tools for the classroom

Some of the best Links

A Suite of Wizard that create web-based activities

Web Worksheet Wizard


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