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Future Tense: Going To

Going To Boy

I' m going to buy a car this year

I' m not going to stay in Manchester more than two weeks

Are you going to have a party for your birthday?



Today I'm going to fly to Manchester to visit my family. I'm going to be there for two weeks. Oh! Hello friends, I'm the Going to Boy, because I always have a lot of new plans and intentions, for example: my friend Mister Will Mister Will and I are going to open a fantastic Language School next March in Mijas - (Malaga-Spain). We are going to have a lot of students and I' m going to get married with my girlfriend Carmela soon, she is a beautiful Spanish girl. She isn't going to come with me to Manchester this time, but she's going to come next summer to meet my mum and dad. And that's all for now because it's 2:30 and I'm going to miss the bus to the airport. 

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