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Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Man

I have travelled all around the world

I haven't found the perfect woman yet, but I have met a lot of friends

Have you been to Africa?



Hello everybody! My family and friends call me Present Perfect Man because I am very perfectionist and I like tidiness, I hate disorder and messy people. Please, do not play that music so loud! I have studied a lot since I was a teenager: Computer Engineering, English and German and now I have started to work in a prestigious software firm in Malaga called Properly Software. I have met a new girl in this company, her name is Lady Past Continuous Lady Past Continuous. She has worked in the company for eight years. She is pretty and nice and she is my age, but I haven't found the perfect woman yet. Have you?

We have just gone to a restaurant for lunch, we are good friends and have decided to go on holidays together. Have you ever been to Africa? I Have, but Lady Past Continuous hasn't travelled much.


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