The Happy verby gangEnglish Verb Tenses Form and Use 

Present Simple Tense

Present Simple Girl


I live in Málaga

I go to the beach on Saturdays

I don't drink coffee

Do you like English?



Hi everybody! I'm The Present Simple Girl. I like habits and routines. I always do the same things and at the same time. For example, I always drink two glasses of milk in the morning and I usually arrive at school at twenty five past eight . I often wear jeans and T-shirts. I love pop music. I also love animals and plants. I have a beautiful garden.

I live with my parents and my brother, Present Continuous Guy The Present Continuous Guy. He is very different from  me. He never arrives on time for lunch. He likes new clothes and fashion, and he doesn't listen to pop music. He plays hard rock in a group called "Metal Bananas" . We are in an English club called The Happy Verby Gang. We go to the club on Saturdays.

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