Lady Past Continuous Lady Past Continuous  



Actions in the past that take place at a particular time
Acciones en el pasado que ocurren en un momento determinado que normalmente especificamos
What were you doing last evening at 8:45?
I was watching "el informal"

With the Past Simple to refer to a long action that is interrupted by a shorter one.("When"or "While" are the habitual conjunctions)
Con el Past Simple para referirnos a una acción larga que se ve interrumpida por otra más corta

We were talking about our last holidays when the boss came into the office and got angry
Two actions developing at the same time in the past ("While" is the habitual conjunction)
Dos acciones que se desarrollan a la vez en el pasado
While my boss was talking to me, I was dreaming of my last holidays in Cancún