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This is the school where I taught for eight years, at present I have just moved to another school called "IES Isaac Albéniz" in Málaga, my present students have already written about it. If you want to see my old schoolmates in Huelma click on here , I still miss them a lot

Our school

    Hello we are four teenagers from Spain and we are going to tell you some things about our High School. Our High School is in Huelma, which is a little town situated in a mountain area of the south of Spain. It is called I.E.S.Huelma Sierra Mágina and it is twenty four years old. It has two buildings, one of them, the newest, is called "el chale" (the cottage) and it has two floors, seven classrooms, two toilets and a laboratory. The other building has two floors, very big balconies, a language room, a teacher’s room, an auditory, two technologies rooms, a library, a laboratory, a music room, the offices and a lot of classrooms.

    A lot of people from other small towns come here to study, they are from Belmez, Cabra, Solera, Guadahortuna,… These are small villages which are near Huelma. We start school at twenty past eight in the morning, and we finish at twenty to three. We go to school from Monday to Friday and we attend six subjects a day. In this "marvellous" High School there are 485 pupils, 44 teachers, and two stray dogs that are the whole day with us.

Now we will tell you some things that we like:

  1. San Juan Bosco´s day, he is our patron and it is the 31st of January and during this day each class prepares a big meal in the patio and later there is a contest to choose the best food.
  2. Andalusia´s day, it is in the 28th of February, and during this day there are a lot of activities for us, for example: football matches among students and teachers…and things like that.
  3. The Cultural Week; during a whole week we do funny activities and we have a wonderful week.

There are also some things that we hate for example:

We have told you the most important things about our High School, but if you come to Spain we invite you to come and see it. It is in the province of Jaen, in Andalusia, Spain.

Greetings from I.E.S Sierra Mágina,Sierra Mágina

Arturo Barquero Jiménez
Manuel García García
Manuel Cristóbal Gúzman Galiano
Maria Isabel Ortega Díaz
1º Bachillerato A


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