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Selection of sites for teaching and learning languages
Last Updated 25/09/2011

European Languages: history, quizzes, etc.

  European Day of Languages, 26 September
  Council of Europe: The European Day of Languages
  Quiz to celebrate the European Day of Languages
  Facts and Fun
  Quizzes on various languages from around the world
  European Day of Languages 26 September - CILT / Teachers' corner about the EU
  The EU Links, Education & Networks

Language Centres

 Instituto Cervantes- Cervantes Virtual
 British Council
 Instituto Camoes
 Goethe Institut
 Ethnologue, Languages of the World

On-line Courses and Link Pages

  BBC- European Languages
 Livomoche- online courses
 Online Language Courses and Tutorials
 On-line demos of interactive language learning methods on CD-ROM
 AulaFácil - Cursos Grátis On-line
 An Online Course in Arabic
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  - Links for Learning French
  - Links for Learning German
  - Links for Learning Spanish
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