Bakerloo - Grammar & Vocabulary  Jubilee - Pronunciation & Communication 
   Central - Pronunciation & Communication  Metropolitan- Grammar & Vocabulary 
   Circle - Pronunciation & Communication  Northern-Pronunciation & Communication 
   District - Grammar & Vocabulary  Piccadilly- Grammar & Vocabulary 
   Hammersmith & City- Grammar & Voc  Victoria-Pronunciation & Communication 
In the Web Learning Tube you will do all kind of language exercises: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, communication, etc. And will practice several skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, etc.
You will also have the opportunity to learn about London sights and attractions.
Follow the instructions and Enjoy the Trip!
Past Time - Holidays- Entertainment- Biographies- Personality


Click and Study: Past Simple Form, Past Simple Use, Past Continuous Form, Past Continuous Use.
Then click on the stations or to do the activities. They are in order of difficulty and complexity.
You will see the number of the exercise and some instructions when you see the eg. .
At the end of each Route, you will visit one London tourist sight or attraction.
Download a worksheet or to take note of the exercises you do.
ROUTE 3.A (A1): the first place you want to visit is Buckingham Palace. To go there you get in the tube at Paddington station; then change to the Jubilee line at Baker Street and go directly to Green Park station. You have to do 6 exercises.
ROUTE 3.B (A1+): after visiting Buckingham Palace, you walk to Victoria station in the district line and decide to go to one of the cinemas in Leicester Square. You have to do 6 exercises.
ROUTE 3.C (A2): you get in the Tube at Covent Garden, Picadilly line. This time your destination is the British Library. This is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries. To go there you get off the tube at Kings Cross St. Pancras station, in northern line. You have to do 6 activities.

ROUTE 3.D (A2+, B1): now you are going to do some tasks a bit more complex. Get in the Tube at Farringdon station. Then do 5 exercises on your way to St. Paul's Cathedral in central line, one of the oldest church in London.


1, the Kyoto protocolfilm quiz 3, feelings1, write your own story

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