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This is the school where I am teaching at present.  I have just moved from "IES Sierra Mágina" to "IES Isaac Albéniz" in Málaga, Juan Antonio Escudero & David González, two students in class 4ş E, have written about it.


Our school IES Isaac Albéniz

    Hi! We are two pupils of I.E.S Isaac Albéniz, we are going to give you an idea about our school and about a day in it.Málaga

Our school is situated in Málaga, a wonderful and a famous city in the South of Spain, well-known for its coast and beaches.It is named after a famous musician, Isaac Albéniz who was born in this town.The school is 25 years old but it has been a secondary school for five years only. Before it was a primary school. It has a building with three floors, a big schoolyard and a small garden in project. In the building there’re seventeen classrooms; there are ten rooms on the second floor and seven rooms on the first floor, a Gym, a Library, a Technology room, a Laboratory, a Music room, an Art room and a Computer room. In the building there is a small kiosk where we buy sandwiches and sweets, too.

On the picture below, you see our school. IES Isaac Albéniz



In our school we are 575 pupils and 42 teachers with whom we share six hours everyday.

In our school the days are quiet in the morning because everybody is almost sleeping and we listen to the teacher, but about ten o’clock we start to laugh.

School starts at quarter past eight. Break is from a quarter past eleven until a quarter to twelve. School finishes at half past two. In our school there are pupils between 12 and 16 years old. In this school we don’t do a lot of parties.

We don’t like studying, but we feel strange a day without school.

Although there’re many important monuments to visit in Málaga, we invite you to come and see our shool "IES Isaac Albéniz".

Best Wishes.   from I.E.S Isaac Albéniz,

Juan Antonio Escudero
David González
4ş ESO E