Dancing with Death
Fashions in drugs come and go: if the '70s were the golden age of marijuana and the '80s of cocaine, then the '90s belong to Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a profound stimulant with light hallucinogenic powers that makes users feel optimistic and enthusiastic about everything they see. This effect increases when Ecstasy is taken together with alcohol in very noisy places such as discos. The Council of Europe estimates that Ecstasy is the second most popular (after cannabis) among those aged 15 to 25, probably because it is quite cheap. Most Ecstasy is now manufactured in Eastern Europe and then sent west by Russian mafia organisations, often controlled from Holland.
Two weeks ago in Britain police reported that a young girl collapsed at her 18th birthday party after taking one dose of Ecstasy. While their daughter was in a coma, her parents, who campaign against drug use in schools, took their crusade against Ecstasy to the public. Sadly, the girl died.