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Author: Isacum


Subject Chicago

Level 1st level of Bachillerato


NavyPier.jpgTravelling has proved to be one of the best ways of getting knowledge of the cultural traits and language of other countries. Travelling allows us to learn more in a more relaxed and easy way.

Let’s travel, then, where to?: to the most fashionable country in the world nowadays: the USA, and to one of its most important cities: CHICAGO. There you’ll find many of the best known symbols and stereotypes of the American culture: jazz, big avenues, huge skyscrapers, blues, gangsters, etc.
You have been offered the possibility of travelling to Chicago with your classmates but, before leaving, you have to do a project on what to do and see in this city.
Have a nice trip!!!!


north.jpg Your school has taken part in a contest whose prize is a trip to Chicago, ILL (USA). It consists on organising the trip before leaving.
You have a week in December to spend in this wonderful city and you have to plan what to do, where to go and what to see every single day of your trip.

A board will evaluate the project. You should prepare a complete dossier including cultural as well as leisure activities at the most important places of the city.

The board will take into account that you provide a project as professional as possible, as if you really worked in a travel agent.

You should always bear in mind that the project must fit the travellers’ needs and circumstances (time difference, jet lag, interests of the travellers of your same age, etc.) and the amount of money they will be able to spend: no more than 400 euros.

The flight and accommodation have already been paid. Thus, you will work in groups of 3 students to do the project. Each of them will be in charge of an aspect of the trip. You are free to choose among all those activities and visits that the city can offer, but you must always make your choice attractive in your dossier and justify its election.


River.jpg - Make a group of three people and distribute your tasks according to the three main divisions or areas of the project to be covered:
1. History, art and science museums
2. Walking tours: main skyscrapers, buildings, parks
3. Where to eat, to buy and to relax: shopping areas, clubs, theatres and live music
Make a general timetable chart in the shape of a brochure where the final result plan can be exposed. The whole project must be attractive; thus, photos, music or videos can be included. The activities must be clearly detailed: how much time they may take, how to go to the places and why you have chosen the activity.


Sears.jpg Here is a list of websites where you can find all you need for the trip:

1. History, art and science museums:

2. Walking tours: main skyscrapers, buildings, parks:

3. Where to eat, to buy and to relax: shopping areas, clubs, theaters and live music:


UniversityofChicago.jpg The project will be evaluated with a common grade for group work Creativity and good explanations of the decisions taken will be highly valued. Rubric is as follows:
 Creativity and quality of exposition and presentation: 30 %
 Reasoning and coherence of the trip planning: 30 %
 Variety of activities: 20 %
 Level of English: 20 %


waterfront.jpgThe project you have just prepared has allowed you to acquire some practice in preparing trips, events and holidays, bearing in mind as many factors and circumstances as needed.
You have also been able to learn more about the city that is usually referred to as “perhaps the most American city in the USA”.
Enjoy your trip!

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