The name Dracula brings up dark memories in our mind: blood, vampires and vampire hunters, forests and wolves, ancient castles in the Carpathians and tyranical leaders capable of all sorts of evil acts.

There is a lot of myth in this issue and, probably because of it, people like it. Did Count Dracula really exist or is it a legend? What is Romania like? Are there different versions of Dracula´s story? ....

Today you are going to start a search in which you will have to find out the truth behind the legend.






You are going to work in groups (4 people) to write a report about different aspects of Dracula´s story.

Probably one of the boys/girls in the group likes images and stories and is very interested in films. Another one may fancy speaking, reading, ... and is interested in Literature. A third person possibly needs moving around all the time and he/she likes travelling to different countries. Is there a person in the group who would like to be a reporter when he/she grows up? This person will have to investigate who was the person behind the myth.

The report will include information about :

1. The country where Dracula was born and lived : Romania.

2. The person behind the myth : Prince Vlad III Dracula.

3. The author of the most famous novel about vampires : Bram Stoker. More books about vampires.

4. The different versions of Dracula´s story on films.






1. Decide who is going to be the expert for each section in the group.

2. Talk about :

........ What you know or don't know about vampires.
.........The. conditions. to .organise .everything in the group.
.........The type of presentation you'll use for the final report.

3. Go to "Resources" in order to find everything you need . There are different sites for each section so that you can contrast the information but be careful and select just what you consider basic.

4. Examine and analyse the information that you have found. Discuss with your group what you have got and explain for what it could be useful. Propose your choices and the reasons for them. Don´t "cut and paste". Use your own words to write your report about every aspect.

6. The final report may include text, images, sounds, etc... If you can use Power Point, do it. You can also include a short play about vampires, a song or anything else. It´s up to you, your imagination and your skills.







1. The country where Dracula was born and lived : Romania.



2. The person behind the myth : Prince Vlad III Dracula.


3. The author of the most famous novel about vampires : Bram Stoker. More books about vampires.


4. The different versions of Dracula´s story on films







Your report will be evaluated in group. It means that you are not only responsible for you work and mark but also for the rest of the group´s work and marks. The different aspects that wil be taken into account will be :

1.-The language. There'll be a follow up process of the language used not only in the final presentation but also along the whole process. Only 1 point will be given if you don't speak English in the group and linguistic level of the presentation is poor. If you try to speak English and the linguistic level of the product of your work is adequate, you´ll get from 2 to 3 points. If you speak English all the time and the English you use in the presentation is superb, you'll get from 3 to 4 points.

2.-The artistic aspects of the presentation will also have a reward. You´ll get from 1 to 2 points if you include pictures, a short play, music, etc...

3.-You will also be graded on your ability to work well in a group because cooperation is basic in this type of projects. Listening carefully to the rest of your group-mates, helping others with their tasks, showing a respectfull attitude towards different points of view, good and cooperative discussions and each member contributing equally to the finished product will be graded too. This aspect of your work is so important that you can get from 1 to 4 points depending on it.





Now it's time for you to reflect on the things you have learnt :

1.-Have you improved your English (vocabulary, grammar, ......)?

2.-Have you improved your skills to find and select information?

3.-Have you learnt anything about how to present information and materials?

4.-Have you learnt anything about the way to cooperate and work in groups?

5.-Have you enjoyed the process?





Teacher's Notes

This WebQuest has been designed for a flexible use.
The sessions and time required will depend on the level of the students and on the extension and type of the final reports that the students have to prepare. The teacher can adapt the webquest to each group according to these factors and to time availability.