Visit five different places in the world and decide which one you would like to visit.  Find out about transport, accommodation, tourist attractions, entertainment and many other things.




Gather information about accommodation, tourist attraction, entertainment... or transport in each of the cities you are proposed and decide which one you're visiting with your classmates.   

Each student will look for information about a different issue related to the cities, one will be in charge of accommodation, another one of transport, and so on.  They will gather all the information in each city and compare them to value which is the best option.

all the groups will discuss which place offers the best visit and decide where they go.


Each group of 5 students will be in charge of a feature of the 5 different places, so that, a group will be responsible of the accommodation, another of transport, another will be in charge of tourist information, another of cultural activities and the last one of leisure activities.


Warm-Up---- Dialogue activities dealing with different topics:

- How to book a room

-Phone calls

- Check-in

- How to use the underground

- Get into the tourist office and ask for a place of particular interest

- To buy tickets at the museum

- At the disco talking to the waiter

Reading and vocabulary workshop:

All the web-pages proposed offer texts and vocabulary that the students have to work on using tools such as multimedia dictionaries, f.e.

Preparing the task:

Students have to write down all the data they get from the web pages and in the last ten minutes of each section, they will share this information with the rest of the students in the group.

The last section will be devoted to share the information with the rest of the group and to decide which one will be their destination.

And----------------- THE FINAL TASK!! To have fun making real this project.



The final evaluation will be the fulfilment of the journey. There will be an individual evaluation, following each students progress.

On the other hand, students will make a self-evaluation of the group, testing the quality of the work made by each student.