Designed by

Vita Orihuela



Have you ever been in Rome? With help of this WebQuest we are going to learn more about one of the beautiest city and capital of the world. After exploring some Websites you will discover more about Rome's culture, legend and Rome's history. With the information you will find, you will have to make a collage with on or two partner. Then you will to introduce in your collage pictures and description about Rome. Good luck and have fun!



At the end of this WebQuest you will have to make a collage with one or two partner. In that collage you will use a picture and a description that goes with it. You will need 4 pictures and when you have finished your collage you will make a quiz with 5 questions about the pictures and description you have use in your collage. So, each pupil will change his collage with other pupil and will have to answer the quiz of the other pupil.  Good luck and have fun! 





First Part:

1. Form a group of 2 or 3 and decide the topic you are going to concern in your collage.

2. Search information about the topic that you have been assigned and try to collect all the information and pictures that can be useful for your final report.

3. Examine all the information you have found and discuss within your group what you have found, what you consider more relevant. Decide how you are going to organise your work and the work of your partner. 

4. Ask about you don't understand to your partner and resolve all your doubts.

5. Suggest to include some information about Rome's story, etc.

6. Put all the information of your and your partners together and comment how you are going to do the final collage.

7. If you want to know how your work will be evaluated, read the evaluation sheet.


8. Please use the links below to read information that can help you to know more about Rome and can be very useful for your collage.     


Rome's history 

Architecture- sacred sites


Theaters- Amqhitheaters


Art and artists




I will evaluate the following aspects from your work:

- Group participation and organization.

- Vocabulary used in the collage.

- Fulfillment of work.

- Good work presentation.

- Correct material use, creativity and originallity in crafts.



Making your collage, you will improve your knowledge about Rome and it's history and you will increase your vocabulary. So, you will know how to use internet for your own interest and many other things that are very interesting.

Perhaps, your school will take you to a Rome excursion one day. With your collage you know what to expect there.