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English Language, Expression and Communication

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It is sure that you think everyday the TV News are the worst program because you think are bored. But, TV News are not only your fathers’ favourite TV program, they are more interesting than you can never imagine...the news in any part of the world, the job of a reporter…

Imagine that you are a group of five TV reporters each one with a specific subject: International News reporter, Home News reporter, Society News reporter, Sports News reporter and Weather reporter.

Your mission will be to carry on and represent a television news bulletin in the class thanks to the work of all the members of the group. The final objective will be that your classmates know a little more about what happens in the world…and…you and your classmates will improve your understanding of English, expression and vocabulary.

The Big Question is: Are the TV News useful in our daily life?



The final objective will be the presentation of a television news bulletin in order to inform the class about the main news in the different sections.

First part: Each member of the group will make a research about the main news of the week according to his/her section (International News, Home News, Sports News and Weather). Before this, a discussion about your point of view of the present television news bulletins can be very interesting to start the task.

Second part: Once each member has selected the news and has written the presentation for the bulletin, the group will organise how the news will be presented and the order of the intervention of each specific reporter, a rhythm will be established and finally, the representation of the television news bulletin in the class.


1.       First of all, the teacher will design in which group you will be a member. The groups will have 

2.     members and each one will have a “mission”. Each one of us will be a SPECIAL REPORTER.

3.     You must choose the role you want to do. The different roles are: International News Reporter, Home News Reporter, Sports News Reporter and Weather Reporter.

4.     Once that you have chosen your roles, the first step will be a discussion in the class about your point of view or your opinion about the importance to be informed what happens in the world and what is the main paper of the television news bulletin. You’ll answer these questions: Do you like watching the TV News? / Would you like that these programs were different? / Do you like to be a reporter in the future? / Do you think these programs are important for the society or our daily life?

5.     Secondly, the group of reporters will do a research about how the news are told (using the following resources on Internet) and what are the most important news nowadays. So, you will be able to learn how working the different sections according to your different roles for the final objective. For this first purpose using the following links:

6.     Once you have a general view of the situation, each member will work according to his/her role carrying on

the following steps:


This person will choose four or five main international news by researching and evaluating of a list of newspapers of the world. Secondly, he/she will examine the international section of these newspapers and news-web pages and finally he/she’ll write the news to be told their partners in a way that the news are understable for all. But without forgetting the specific vocabulary of the news.

For these activities International News Reporter can use:



    If you like, you can choose a specific new and analyse it for including it in the television news bulletin.



      You have also to choose four or five news, but in this case, “home news”. To complete this objective, you must

      to research the main home news according the following resources related to national newspaper or news web

      web pages. You can also watch TV News at home and rewrite those news for your partners understand them. If

      you like, you can write them with your own words but without forgotten the specific vocabulary and expression               

      related to television news bulletin.


      After evaluating these newspapers and web pages you must write the selected news to introduce them in the te

      Television news bulletin for a time of 5-6 minutes more or less.




      You must choose the main sports news of the week, by researching of the following Internet resources and if

      You like, watching the TV Sports news at your home. After that, you will write the sports news in a funny way

      because this section must be more dynamic than the previous sections. Your partners can not get bored!!!



      And if you can an example of sports vocabulary, you can visit these web pages and use them how you like.

      (Above all, when you write your news to introduce them in the television news bulletin)





        In this case, you must to research the resources with the objective to know how will the weather be the next 

        day or the next week. To achieve this aim and before you try to understand the weather web pages, you can

        learn a little more about vocabulary and expressions related to weather. Try including them in your report.



         Once you know what are the main words and expressions, you will research the following web sites about

          Weather and will write a brief report about the weather in your country or your city. You must calculate

         that your intervention in the television news bulletin is 3-4 minutes more or less.



         Now, there are some questions on this webpage about weather to check if you know the basic words about

         weather. It is for your enjoyment, have fun!


  1. Now, all the members have their roles and their specific tasks. The following step will be that all the

          Members organise the information and the reports already elaborated.

          You can help you of some advices about How to write a News Story




  1. Finally, when the News Story was finished, you will represent the television news bulletin in the class. It is

     the moment to inform your partners and checking if your work will be interesting and funny for them.

     For this purpose is basic to know the importance of this type of activity. Read the following resource to

     Know this importance:



          To finish the process, you must have on account some advices about the presentation of the television

           News bulletin. You can discuss them and choose those ones you prefer.

           Think also about the time each member need for his/her part of the presentation.



           Finally, it is very important that in the presentation in the class, your classmates are interested in the

           Information that you tell them. Have fun!




           The evaluation of this activity have three parts:

    1. Writing: the teacher evaluate the grammar, vocabulary and expressions and the use of language of the

the different reports made by each member of the group. This mark is more individual.

    1. News: the teacher also evaluate the selected news of the different sections according to: relevancy

       of the news, correspondence with the specific section, veracity and way of telling them to the


    1. Presentation: finally, the teacher evaluate the oral presentation of the television news bulletin

according to: correct speech, adequate pronunciation, expression, rhythm and the answer of the rest of the class.





            Thanks to this activity you will reach some important objectives as:

·        To know that the information is a basic element in our daily life.

·        To recognise that the TV News are more necessary and important than you never have imagined.

·        To learn how the news are researched and written.

·        To know how is the job of a reporter.

·        To improve your English according to different levels: speech, writing, vocabulary, expressions…




            This WebQuest has been designed for the study of English as a foreign language. The required level is

            pre-intermediate or intermediate: Bachillerato (16-17 years old) but above all, 3º and 4º of E.S.O (13-16

            years old). Special thanks to the section of Learn English of the BBC.News.




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