1.Write all these answers in the Christmas stationery you will find in this web site.

2.When do we celebrate Christmas?

3.Who used mistletoe to celebrate the coming of winter?

4.What is the size and the colour of the actual poinsettias?

5.Was the Christmas Tree originated in Spain?

6.What is the abbreviation for Christmas?

7.What is the colour of candy cane´s stripes?

8.When was born Santa Claus?

9.Draw the shapes that come next in the pattern.

10. Find the following words in English:
- hogueras
- nacimiento
- misa del gallo
- pavo trufado de Navidad

11. Draw a tag for your family.

12.What is the name of the reindeer who guides Santa´s sleigh?

13.What is the colour of his nose?

14. Find each of the following words.

15. Finish the sentence:
The word Christmas comes from …………………..

16. Colour:
- A snow flake
- A poinsettia
- A candy cane
- A wreath

17. Connect the dots. Count by 5´s.

18. Colour a picture and print it out.

19. Write a Chistmas card to the teacher;-)

20. Special treatment: enjoy visiting Santa´s Village.


This Worksheet was created by Paulina Ramos Herreros

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