The Republic of Singapore is a main island with fifty-eight other islets situated between the countries Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s approximately 137 kilometres north of the equator. Its land area is 685’4 square kilometres. The main island has 42 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide, with coastline of 138 kim. Its main characteristic is the incredible fusion of cultures found here. In Singapore, the East and the West live together in perfect harmony.
Let’s travel to Singapore through the net!!!. In order to do this, answer indiviually the following questions:


1-. Who is the Singaporean Prime Minister?
2-. How many people live in Singapore?. Give the percentage of its major ethnic groups.
3-. Write three Singaporean islets.
4-. Name the districts in which the largest city is divided.
5-. If you were a tourist, what important things would you visit in Chinatown?.
6-. Which are the official languages in Singapore?. And the currency?.
7-. What time is it now in that country?.
8-. Which are the major religions there?.
9-. What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?.
10-. Name at least five Singaporean dishes.


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