The Solar System
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INTRODUCTION: Do you want to know some fascinating facts about the planets orbiting the Sun? If so, why donít you try and find out the answers to the questions below CLICKING ON THE LINKS and then get ready for the BIG QUESTION at the bottom? The prize??? A new perspective of YOUR LIFE ON PLANET EARTH. Here they go!

1. How much would you weigh on Mars? Consider that 1 pound = Approx. Ĺ kilo

2. How much older will you be if you spend one day on Mercury?

3. If you were on Jupiter, would there be any ground to walk on or water to sail?

4. If you made a giant bathtub where to put planet Saturn, would it float or would it sink?

5. Where does the name Pluto come from?

6. Which planet has got yellow clouds which are poisonous?

7. How long would it take to cycle to the Moon?

8. How long is a day in Jupiter?

9. How many Earths can fit inside the Sun? Can we say that the Sun is "on fire"?. Explain why.

After considering life on other Planets, how does it feel to live on Planet Earth? Do we care enough for our BIG HOME? Can you tell in ten lines what in your opinion are the main issues regarding PROTECTION OF LIFE in our own planet?



This Worksheet was created by Concha Cuevas.

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