Am I healthy?




As you all know you are adolescents and this is a difficult stage in your lives. Through these pages we are going to provide you useful information. First, look for the questions.Then, answer our big question. Take care! Answer the following questions.

Read carefully the information in the links.

1.Could you define the term “health”?
2.What is the meaning of “health literate”?
3.Could you mention five kids’ health problems? 4.What is a Gene?
5.How many healthy recipes can you find? Write their names.
6.How could you look after your body? What things should you avoid?
7.What should you eat to keep healthy?
8.Which are the risk factors related to a heart disease?
9.What is a balanced diet?Which are the benefits of keeping a balanced diet?
10.How can exercise help you in your life?

And now, the BIG QUESTION: try to summarize the facts that make you be healthy and prepare a brief composition to be read in class. Thank you!


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