Take care of your teeth please!
Your Teeth and your Toothbrush are Friends!



You are going to carry out a scavenger hunt on the Internet. You should find the answers to these questions. Thanks to this activiy you will be able to know more important things about your DENTAL HEALTH. Have fun! 1.Whtat´s the name of the first teeth of a baby? What the “mission” of these teeth? 2. Do you know the main tooth types? What are their specific names? 3. What is necessary to prevent cavities? 4. If you lose a tooth, What would you do? 5. How often do you replace your toothbrush? 6. The “snacks smarts” are perhaps dangerous for the health of your teeth, What´s important to think before eating them? 7. Do you know the main dental definitions? 8. Try to complete the test to know if you have learned something more 9. Let´s play! Visit to the Dental Hygienist ! BIG QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU THINK IT´S THE BETTER WAY TO RAISE THE CHILDREN AWARENESS OF THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR DENTAL CARE?


This Worksheet was created by Mª Paloma Expósito Reyes

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