Exploring Nature in Andalusia




Hello everyone, it is time to explore Andalusia on the Web. Answer the questions below to learn about the natural environments in each Province. Use the links to help you and donīt forget the Big Question at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

1) What is the difference between Natural Park and Natural Reserve?

2) Which are the Nature Parks in Andalusia?

3) What kind of activities could you practice in Andalusia Nature parks?

4) Could you tell me which are the worth exploring points of Cabo de Gata-Nijar?

5) Name a film made in the Dessert of Tabernas. Have you seen it?

6) Which are the Natural Reserves in the province of Cordoba?

8) Do you know how many different species of fauna and flora are in Sierra Nevada?

9) Where is Sierra de Cazorla located?

10) What is the formation origin of El Torcal natural reserve?

The Big Question

Now that you have researched Nature, if you could explore some of these points, decide and plan what routes you would like to take and why.


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