Guy Fawkes Day

Bonfire Night


Guy Fawkes night is a huge UK tradition, probably bigger than Halloween. Traditionally it is taught that Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up The Houses of Parliament with explosives but various myths are debunked in the sites below which give a mixture of the myths and the reality.

Why did Guy adopt the name Guido?
Which famous building did he want to blow up?
Who was King James’ mother?
How many plotters were killed?
Is 5th November a public holiday?
Is 5th November a Ringing Day?
What time must you stop using fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day?

Was Guy Fawkes tortured?
Why did Catholics think there would be changes with King James I?
What happened to the plotters?

From 1806 on, life-sized effigies of Guy Fawkes are put onto the bonfires. Who did the effigies represent before 1806?
Can children in the UK buy fireworks?

What do people generally eat while they stand around the bonfire?
How long does it generally take to bake a potato?

Would you like some more Bonfire Night recipes?

When and where was Guy Fawkes born?
Did he ever join the Spanish army?
How many brothers or sisters did he have?

Was it legal not to celebrate Bonfire Night before 1960?

Who was monarch before King James I?
How would we call the conspirators nowadays?
What do the Yeomen of the Guard do before Queen Elizabeth II enters the Parliament?

Who was the leader of the group of conspirators?
Why was Guy Fakwes the most famous member of the Gunpowder Plot?

How often does the Queen visit the Parliament?

Is Bonfire Night only celebrated in Britain? Where else is it still celebrated?

Was there really a Gunpowder Plot, or were the "conspirators" framed by the King?



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