Heroes of history
These are present heroes. But they were not the first ones.

Stories of historic heroes



Heroes and heroines have existed apart from Spiderman, Superman or Batman. Get to know them! QUESTIONS - Which was the name of Odysseus' wife? - What did she do while her husband was abroad? - How many wives did Hercules have? Which were their names? What happened? - How many labors did Hercules have to do? Why? - Who killed Medusa and how? - Why Medusa had serpents instead of hair? - How did Achilles died? Why? - What happened after his dead? Who won? - Who was in love with Theseus? - What did she do to help him? - Where was Helen from? - Who was in love with her? What happened? Global question: Choose your favourite and write his/her story.


This Worksheet was created by Ana María Lozano Sánchez.

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